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This DokuWiki is based upon work from COST Action CA16107 EuroXanth, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

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Type III effectors

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Class Family Synonyms Related proteins RefSeq ID Function / Features
AvrBs1 AvrBs1 AvrA NP_637464.1
AvrBs2 AvrBs2 NP_635447.1
Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase family
AvrBs3 AvrBs3 PthA, PthB, PthN, PthXo, AvrXa7, AvrXa27, TALE P14727.2
TAL effector repeat; Transcription activator in eukaryotic host cell; Nuclear localization
XopB XopB HopD1 (HopPtoD1, AvrPphD1) WP_039417318.1
XopC XopC1 CAJ24112.1
Phosphoribosyl transferase domain; Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase
XopC XopC2 RSp1239 WP_041183113.1
XopD XopD WP_011346109.1
C48-family SUMO cysteine protease (Ulp1 protease family); EAR motif; DNA binding; Nuclear localization
XopE XopE1 AvrXacE1 HopX (AvrPphE) WP_011345998.1 Putative transglutaminase
XopE XopE2 AvrXacE3, AvrXccE1 HopX (AvrPphE) WP_011347479.1 Putative transglutaminase
XopE XopE3 AvrXacE2 HopX (AvrPphE) WP_011052114.1 Putative transglutaminase
XopE XopE4 Putative HopX (AvrPphE) EFF46466.1
XopE XopE5 Putative HopX (AvrPphE) Putative transglutaminase
XopF XopF1 Hpa4 WP_011346095.1
XopF XopF2 WP_046934774.1
XopF XopF3 WP_AHK80891.1
XopG XopG1 HopH (HopPtoH), HopAP WP_011346758.1 Peptidase_M91 superfamily; HEXXH motif, typical of zinc metallopeptidases
XopG XopG2 HopH (HopPtoH), HopAP
XopG XopG3 HopH (HopPtoH), HopAP
XopH XopH1 AvrBs1.1 HopAO1 (HopPtoD2) WP_074038421.1 Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like phytase
XopH XopH2 AvrBs1.1 HopAO1 (HopPtoD2)
XopI XopI1 WP_011346406.1 F-box domain
XopI XopI2
XopJ XopJ1 WP_011347382.1 Ser/Thr acetyltransferase
XopJ XopJ2 AvrBsT HopZ2 WP_074052319.1 Ser/Thr acetyltransferase
XopJ XopJ3 AvrRxv WP_011346137.1 Ser/Thr acetyltransferase
XopJ XopJ4 AvrXv4 PopP1 WP_008572727.1 Ser/Thr acetyltransferase
XopJ XopJ5 AvrXccB WP_075287867.1 Ser/Thr acetyltransferase
XopK XopK WP_027703763.1
XopL XopL WP_011039250.1 LRR protein
XopM XopM FIXME WP_011346113.1
XopN XopN HopAU1 WP_011348010.1 ARM/HEAT repeat
XopO XopO HopK1 (HopPtoK, HolPtoAB) N-terminal domain, AvrRps4 WP_011346566.1
XopP XopP Hlk WP_104613784.1
XopQ XopQ HopQ1 (HolPtoQ), RipB WP_011349176.1 Inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase
XopR XopR WP_011260681.1
XopS XopS WP_039418869.1
XopT XopT FIXME WP_075242412.1
XopU XopU FIXME WP_042465048.1
XopV XopV WP_011409498.1
XopW XopW FIXME WP_012443642.1
XopX XopX HopAE1 (HolPsyAE) WP_029818523.1
XopY XopY WP_113013931.1
XopZ XopZ1 HopAS1
XopZ XopZ2
XopAA XopAA FIXME Ecf HopAE1 (HolPsyAE) WP_041855088.1 Early chlorosis factor; Proteasome/cyclosome repeat
XopAB XopAB FIXME weakly related to XopN WP_080496267.1
XopAC XopAC AvrAC WP_011269629.1 LRR; Fic/DOC family; Vascular hypersensitivity in Arabidopsis landrace Col-0
XopAD XopAD RSc3401 WP_129593164.1 SKWP repeat protein
XopAE XopAE HpaF/HpaG PopC WP_011257061.1 LRR protein
XopAF XopAF1 AvrXv3 HopAF1 (HopPtoJ) WP_008577605.1
XopAF XopAF2 AvrXv3 HopAF1 (HopPtoJ)
XopAG XopAG AvrGf1 HopG1 (HopPtoG), HolPtoW WP_080633702.1
XopAH XopAH AvrXccC AvrB/AvrC (AvrPphC) WP_050912223.1 AvrB/AvrC-family avirulence protein
XopAI XopAI FIXME HopO1 (HopPtoO, HopPtoS), HopAI1 (HolPtoAI) WP_011052119.1 Putative NAD(P)+ -protein-arginine ADP-ribosyltransferase
XopAJ XopAJ AvrRxo1 WP_014504815.1
XopAK XopAK HopK1 (HopPtoK, HolPtoAB) C-terminal domain WP_033837133.1
XopAL XopAL1 Eop3 WP_011036441.1
XopAL XopAL2 Eop3
XopAM XopAM FIXME HopR1 WP_011036289.1
XopAO XopAO FIXME AvrRpm1 EGD20072.1
XopAP XopAP RipAL WP_039417385.1 Class-3 lipase
XopAQ XopAQ Rip6/Rip11 WP_006450400.1
XopAR XopAR FIXME WP_005994454.1
XopAS XopAS FIXME WP_081376520.1
XopAT XopAT FIXME AEL06363.1
XopAU XopAU WP_041855031.1 Serine/threonine kinase; Protein kinase domain
XopAV XopAV FIXME WP_065628638.1
XopAW XopAW WP_011348129.1 Calcium-binding protein; EF-hand domain pair
XopAX XopAX WP_011345694.1
XopAY XopAY FIXME WP_015462941.1
XopAZ XopAZ FIXME WP_011050866.1 SlpA superfamily; FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase
XopA XopA Hpa1/HpaG WP_011346111.1 Harpin, maybe not a T3E
HpaA HpaA WP_011346100.1 Type III secretion control protein, maybe not a T3E
HrpW HrpW PopW WP_005926112.1 Pectate lyase, maybe not a T3E
AvrXccA AvrXccA1 AvrXca WP_011039290.1 Unknown, maybe not a T3E
AvrXccA AvrXccA2 WP_011037538.1 Unknown, maybe not a T3E
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